Our Team

Lango teachers are all fluent/native speakers of the target language, trained in the Lango Adventure Learning methodology, have a background investigation and are motivated to teach your children a second language!

photo Terry Buckman

Hi! I am the founder of Lango Foreign Langauges for Kids in the Greater Omaha Area. After a career in the US Navy, with a passion for education, and a great experience sending my daughter to Lango in Virginia Beach, I started Lango Omaha to share the benefits of learning a second language to youth here in the Omaha area using a proven methodology. Feel free to call or email with any comments or questions, or if you are interested getting your child started in a second language.

photo Keri Quintanilla

After graduating from Wayne State College in 1994, Keri went to Bolivia South America to further her Spanish skills and work for three years.  While there she met her husband.  They have three boys and return to Bolivia to visit family often.  She has taken classes at the College of St. Mary in translation and interpretation and for more than a decade has been enjoying teaching preschoolers at Overland Hills Church.

  Ellen Dworak

Hi, I am Ellen Dworak. I am a Nebraska native who grew up loving Spanish. My husband and I live in Iowa, but my roots remain  strongly implanted in Nebraska. When I was growing up my dad would speak Spanish to me and I was fascinated with learning the language. I studied Spanish and English in college.  I continued learning Spanish when I taught Spanish for 15 years. For seven years I taught K-12 Spanish. I always thought it was fun teaching Spanish. I see the value of learning another language and want to help others to love it the way I do. I look forward to using Lango to teach Spanish to your children. Learning Spanish is fun – I learn new things every day!

photo Heidi Emanuel

My name is Heidi Emanuel, and I love speaking Spanish.  I and my husband have been St. Columbkille parishioners for eight years, and our daughter Maria attends the five-day school.  I started learning Spanish in eighth grade, and enjoyed it so much that in college, I chose a dual major in English and Spanish for Secondary Education.  Since then, every job I have had has utilized my Spanish skills.  At the end of the day, however, the reason I strive to continue bettering my Spanish skills is not because it makes me employable, but because speaking Spanish is FUN!  Now that we have three children (with a fourth on the way), I have wondered what it would be like to teach Spanish to young children (besides my own).  I am thrilled to have an opportunity to do that here at St. Columbkille as a certified Lango teacher.  See you in class!